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Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government Monthly Quiz

True or False: A quorum can only happen if all councilmembers are physically at the meeting.

Answer: False

A public meeting occurs when a quorum of the council, whether in person or by using electronic equipment, convenes to discuss or act upon public business. This definition comes from the SC Freedom of Information Act, SC Code Section 30-4-20(d)). A quorum, unless otherwise defined by applicable law, means a simple majority of the council. For more information about vacancies, abstentions, conflicts of interest and recusals, see the March 2020 Uptown article "Handling Quorums Correctly."

Electronic meetings became substantially more common in 2020 as a means of social distancing. The Municipal Association created guidance for how to appropriately and effectively conduct electronic meetings as part of a videocast series on coronavirus operations

The Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government offers online courses. In-person classes will resume when COVID-19 activity drops to safe levels. To register for the on-demand courses, go to the Municipal Association's website at and log in with your user identification number and password. The on-demand courses can be accessed 24/7 from any computer, tablet or mobile device that has internet connection and may be taken in any order.