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The Municipal Association began its Trades Certification program in 1965 and currently offers exams in

  • Electrical: current codebook  NEC 2020, effective 1/1/2023
  • Plumbingcurrent codebook – IPC 2021, effective 1/1/2023
    Note: Master Residential Plumber examination codebook is International Residential Code, 2021 with IPC 2021 optional
  • HARV/Mechanical, Sheet Metal, Pipefitting:  IMC 2021, effective 1/1/2023
  • Gasfitting – IFGC 2021, effective 1/1/2023    

The Municipal Association Trade Certification card is confirmation that a cardholder has satisfied the experience and written examination qualifications required by the Association to hold the level of certification indicated. This certification should not be confused with the South Carolina Mechanical Contractors License or the South Carolina Residential Builders Commission's Specialty Contractors License.  

A tradesman interested in either of the above licenses should contact the appropriate agency as follows:

Remote testing

PROV Exams is now offering remote testing via their Examroom service.

What is Examroom? 
Examroom is a remote test monitoring service that allows you to take your test on your own computer at your home. You schedule the test the same way you would an in-person testing site; by selecting your preferred test date and time. Then, on test day, you log into the Examroom website and request to start your exam. A test proctor will greet you over your computer, will verify your identity, take your picture, and observe you throughout the testing process. 

How to decide whether to use Examroom? Not every computer system is capable of taking a test on Examroom. The following are the minimum requirements that your computer system would need to meet in order to qualify to take your test using the Examroom service: 

  • Operating system on computer needs to be recent (less than 3 – 4 years old)
  • Works on a MAC, PC, or Chromebook
  • Need either a Chrome or Firefox browser (Chrome works best)
  • Need a functioning computer web-camera and microphone
  • Need a good consistent Internet connection capable of uploading files in excess of 3 Mbps  
Please use the following links to do a system check before you schedule your exam to make sure your computer system will allow you to take a test using this system.

When prompted “Permission to access camera and microphone,” you must click “Allow”.