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New City Quick Connect Podcast

Listen to the January 13 podcast to hear Charlie Barrineau and Jeff Shacker, the Municipal Association's field services managers, discuss each of South Carolina’s three forms of municipal government.

2020 Achievement Award Application

The deadline to submit this application is Wednesday, January 29.

From the Dome to Your Home: January 17

The SC General Assembly convened on January 14 for the second half of a two-year legislative session. The business license bill, H4431, is scheduled for a subcommittee hearing on January 22 in a House subcommittee, while senators began debate on the education bill.

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Uptown January 2020 Cover

HLAD to Address Local Authority and Engagement on February 4

Hometown Legislative Action Day is a time for municipal officials to come together in Columbia to discuss how best to get involved in legislative issues and meet with members of the General Assembly.