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January – May

The General Assembly meets annually in Columbia convening the second Tuesday in January and adjourning the second Thursday in May. The adjournment date can be extended in certain circumstances. In the event that legislators do not finish pending issues, leadership may call for a special session in late June or July to finish the state budget and gubernatorial vetoes. Municipal Association lobbyists and local officials work during the session on the proactive legislative initiatives adopted by the board of directors as well as other issues that arise during the session.


A year-end legislative review is distributed at the Association's Annual Meeting in July along with a recap of the legislative action of the session.

August - September

Local officials around the state participate in a series of ten Regional Advocacy Meetings to discuss local challenges and possible legislative solutions with the Association's legislative staff.

September – October

The Municipal Association staff synthesizes the information from the Regional Advocacy Meetings into a draft agenda and presents it to the Association's legislative committee. After the legislative committee approves the advocacy initiatives, the legislative committee chair presents the recommendations to the full Municipal Association board of directors. The board approves the initiatives during the fall board retreat.

October – December

Municipal Association legislative staff begins meeting with legislators to shore up support and float ideas for possible legislation, while also reaching out to partner organizations to identify common interests and garner support for issues during the upcoming legislative session.


Advocacy initiatives are rolled out to the full membership, partner organizations, legislators and news media through blog posts, Uptown articles, City Connect blog posts, affiliate meetings, presentations and social media.