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‚ÄčThis noncredited course is offered as part of the Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government.

"The Five Basics of Effective Governing" provides newly elected municipal officials basic information about municipal governance that will be helpful during their first few months in office.

  1. Understand your leadership role - examine what makes a successful leader and how to represent everyone in your city or town.
  2. Know your city - look at all the different aspects of a city that each councilmember should know including staff, services, infrastructure and form of government.
  3. Know your budget - look at some of the basic requirements by state law that every councilmember should know.
  4. Conduct effective meetings - examine what makes an effective meeting and agenda procedures.
  5. Understand the Freedom of Information Act and Ethics Act  - look at the FOIA laws and requirements and a conflict of interest scenario that highlights the Ethics Act.

Five Basics of Effective Governing