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Hometown Economic Development Grants Are Coming

The Municipal Association is offering the Hometown Economic Development Grants for the fourth year. These grants help cities and towns bring economic development projects to fruition.

The 2019 grants will include a total of $325,000 of investments delivered through grants up to $25,000 each.

City of Pickens Doodle Park
The City of Pickens used Hometown Economic Development Grant funding to
create a mural at Doodle Park. Photo: City of Pickens.

The cities and towns that receive grants are required to provide matching funds, with the required amount of the match determined by the municipality's size. Cities and towns may use grant funds to augment funding from other sources.

The grant application will be available online Thursday, July 18. The deadline for entries is Friday, September 27 at 5 p.m., with the awards announced no later than Friday, October 25.

Applicants should ensure all of the questions on the application are completed. Applications are accepted online only. Incomplete applications are not accepted. A city or town may be awarded a Hometown Economic Development Grant once every two years.

Applicants must plan ahead to ensure council resolutions in support of applying for a Hometown Economic Development Grant are placed on meeting agendas for consideration before the application deadline. A sample resolution of council can be found on the grant program's webpage.

Previous winners have used grant funds to establish parks, create master plans, support business incubators, or build and upgrade tourism facilities:

    The City of Laurens received grant funds to engage design professionals to develop its Small Business Learning Lab in a downtown building, which will act as a development center for the city and as a resource center for entrepreneurs.

    The Town of Saluda received funding for modern audio, video and lighting equipment for the historic Saluda Theater, allowing the town and Saluda Historical Society to use it for movies, plays and concerts.

    The City of Anderson received funding for the "Shock This Block" initiative for a unified, site-specific downtown development plan.

    The City of Pickens used its funds for a Doodle Park mural and the expansion of its "Turtles on the Town" campaign, promoting the city and its small businesses.

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