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Annual Meeting 2019 Tech Talks

Information technology is more important than ever for cities and towns, and it's also evolving extremely fast. For this reason, the Municipal Association of SC and its technology partner, VC3, are offering Tech Talks throughout the Annual Meeting — quick, 15-minute sessions to show critical new information to elected officials and municipal staff.

  • Cybersecurity Checklist: How Do You Rate?
    It's easy to become overwhelmed with cybersecurity needs and requirements. Explore how focusing on a few key items, like email encryption and cyber liability insurance, can go a long way in keeping cities and towns safe.
  • Building ADA-Compliant Websites
    Residents are using municipal websites for everything from paying bills to researching local laws. Find out how to make sure a site is accessible to all, and learn about tools that can help in the process.
  • Text Message Archiving Basics
    Recent court cases have put the spotlight on properly retaining text messages in order to meet Freedom of Information Act requirements. Learn about the options available for retaining and archiving text messages.
  • Crafting a Social Media Policy
    Social media provides a new opportunity for municipal officials to communicate with their residents. Explore the building blocks needed for a solid social media policy.
  • Visualizing Your Data
    Quickly spot trends and anomalies in data with dashboards using the Power BI service. Take a look at how business intelligence dashboards are helping municipalities and public safety departments work more efficiently and drive smarter decision making.
  • Protecting Your Municipality From Human Error
    Employees are frequent targets for sophisticated phishing attacks. Learn the options available for security awareness training and how to stop an attack before it begins.
  • Safekeeping Data: Beyond Password Protection
    Everyone knows the importance of unique passwords for websites and applications, but there are additional actions that can help make sure that data is safe. Learn about these additional safeguards and the risks of not protecting data.
  • Be Prepared With a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan
    Ransomware attacks on municipalities are occurring frequently, and it's important to be prepared in the event of an attack. Learn how to ensure that a municipality can quickly respond in the event of an attack.
  • Streamlining Business License Applications
    Attracting new business is key for growing cities and towns, but starting a new business can be a frustrating process. Take a look at how a standardized business license application can save time and reduce hassles for new business owners.
  • Smart Cities 101
    Many cities and towns want to be a "smart city," or a city that uses sensors to collect data and manage resources, but they don't know where to start. Explore the steps needed to become a smart city with a simple readiness plan useable by municipalities of all sizes.