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On-Demand Training Can Help Municipal Clerks

Clerks fulfill a critical role for South Carolina’s cities and towns — something that is reflected in the fact that the clerk is the only municipal staff role required by state law in all three forms of municipal government. They support elected officials and any other administrative positions, and they frequently serve as the public’s access point to municipal services. 

Several years ago, the Municipal Association of SC introduced a series of training modules to help clerks grow in their understanding of the duties and responsibilities of their job. The courses are free, are organized in segments of 30 minutes or less, and can be especially useful to newly appointed clerks. 

On-demand Municipal Clerks Training is a quick interactive tutorial on basic duties and
responsibilities of a municipal clerk in South Carolina.

The first module, “Municipal Association as a Valuable Resource,” overviews those services of the Association that can help assist municipal clerks — offerings like the Association’s field services managers, the Municipal Finance Officers, Clerks and Treasurers Association, and the Handbook for Municipal Officials in SC

The second course, “Role of the Municipal Clerk,” lays out how a municipal clerk is appointed in each of the three forms of government. It also takes a look at the duties and responsibilities of the municipal clerk as outlined by state law — items such as giving notice of public meetings, keeping minutes, and making adopted ordinances, codes and regulations available.

The last course, “State and Municipal Law,” takes a look at the legislative and administrative authority granted by the state to its municipalities. This session also digs into ways that city and town councils can pass ordinances, repeal and amend them, and the role of resolutions and proclamations. Finally, this section digs into the critical and required task of codifying ordinances — collecting and systematically organizing a city or town’s laws. 

To receive more in-depth training, all municipal clerks can participate in the Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Institute. MCTI is a series of six 2½-day sessions, with two sessions available annually. The Institute covers in detail how to perform the municipal clerk’s duties using the most efficient and effective methods, with practical examples. 

To get more information about MCTI and the on-demand clerks training, visit (keyword: MCTI; keyword: clerks training).