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Association Highlight: New Listserves

The Municipal Association of SC recently launched an updated listserve platform to provide expanded features for sharing best practices and connecting with colleagues across the state. The platform features individual listserves for 12 affiliate organizations, while other listserves assist planning and zoning officials, city managers and administrators, and public information officers. 

The new platform is more collaborative and user-friendly than the previous system. It features discussions grouped together in a single easy-to-find and searchable location, so that users no longer have to dig through their email to find a particular piece of information. It also allows users to set up polls to ask questions and share documents. 

Everyone with a current affiliate membership is already a member of the new listserve, which they may access through their member home page on the Association’s website. Approved listserve members must first assess their listserve by logging in to, selecting “Member Home,” then setting communication preferences, such as whether they want to receive email notification of posts. To join other listserves, visit (keyword: listserves). Under the appropriate listserve, select “request access.” After logging in, follow the prompts to sign up for the new listserve. For assistance, call the helpline at 803.933.1297.