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Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government Monthly Quiz

​True or False: Clear, easy to understand rules of procedure form a solid foundation for efficient and effective council meetings.

Answer: True
Officials should review their city's rules of procedure and amend them as needed for clarity and simplicity.

SC Code Sections 5-7-250 and 5-7-270 require municipalities to adopt such rules by ordinance. While councils often adopt Robert's Rules of Order to supplement local rules, this can create confusion about multiple levels of rules. They should always apply relevant state laws first before applying their local rules, and then Robert's Rules of Order, if adopted and if needed. The Municipal Association's How to Conduct Effective Meetings handbook offers sample rules of procedure that cities and towns can adopt.

The Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government offers in-person and online courses. The next in-person courses will take place February 5, the day after Hometown Legislative Action Day, in Columbia, and then March 24 at the regional councils of governments locations.