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Association Highlight: Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government

​Elected officials in cities and towns can find that the skills needed to govern responsibly, efficiently and effectively are not the same as the skills needed to win an election. The Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government can help them learn how to fulfill their responsibility to govern well.

The MEO Institute graduated its first officials in 1988. The Advanced Municipal Elected Officials Institute launched in 2014 to provide more training to institute graduates, and the Advanced Continuing Education program began in 2019 to provide an optional self-directed track for Advanced Institute graduates.

After the courses in Columbia on February 5, the next course for the MEO Institute will be "Basic Budgeting and Municipal Finance" at the regional councils of governments locations on March 24. Some MEO Institute on-demand courses are also available for registrants online at any time. For Advanced MEO Institute, the next courses will be "Advanced Municipal Economic Development" and "Public Safety and Administration," on October 14 in Columbia. The next courses for Advanced Continuing Education will include "Best Practices for Code Enforcement," also on October 14 in Columbia.