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Municipal Association’s Field Services Team Expands

Many city and town officials across the state are familiar with the Municipal Association’s field services managers, who travel among all of the state’s municipalities to help address issues of local concern and facilitate communication with members. Now, in addition to Jeff Shacker and Charlie Barrineau, the Association has added a third staff member to this team: Ashley Kellahan, who joined in February. 

Ashley Kellahan.jpg

“I’ve always loved how the Municipal Association is a facilitator of great ideas between local governments, and I’m honored to be a more direct part of that process,” Kellahan said. “I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with others, but more importantly learn from what other cities and towns are doing and help shine a light on their successes.”

The team of field services managers is available to South Carolina’s cities and towns for the times when local officials identify significant questions or challenges. The also provide hands-on technical assistance before issues can grow into major problems. Beyond keeping in touch and answering questions, the field services managers regularly attend city and town council meetings and conduct informational sessions and goal-setting workshops.

In the past, the field services managers have divided their working territory very roughly between the Upstate and the Lowcountry. The Association will now divide the coverage areas into three parts, with the full transition occurring over the coming months. 

The coverage territories and contact information for the three field service managers is available online