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Municipal Clerks Week Arrives in May

The International Institute of Municipal Clerks is marking the 50th anniversary of Municipal Clerks Week this May 5 – 11.

The position of city clerk is the only municipal staff role that is required by state law for every one of South Carolina's 271 cities and towns, no matter the size or form of government.

The clerk is required to give notice of council meetings to councilmembers as well as the public, keep minutes of council meetings and perform other duties as assigned. It's a job that requires substantial knowledge of how local government operates and the ability to carefully manage huge amounts of public records, digital or otherwise. Mayors, councilmembers and city managers all rely on clerks in making local government work effectively.

Among the largest cities, a staff member is usually dedicated to the clerk position full time. In midsize and smaller cities and towns, clerks often wear multiple hats. A clerk/treasurer role is a common combination.

As the roles of clerks have evolved over time, so too has the state's only professional organization serving them, the SC Municipal Finance Officers, Clerks and Treasurers Association. MFOCTA is a co-sponsor of the Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Institute, a three-year program which, along with a capstone project, counts toward the International Institute of Municipal Clerks' Certified Municipal Clerks designation.

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