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Risk Management Q&A: Certificate of Insurance Renewal


How often should SC Municipal Insurance Trust and SC Municipal Insurance and Risk Financing Fund members review their Certificate of Insurance Renewal report?


The report should be reviewed each time a certificate of insurance is requested, as well as before the new year policies are bound. The report is located on the policy portal and accessible by members who have been granted access to the portal. The report is named "Certificates of Insurance Renewal Report-Policies." The certificates are available for download and can be emailed to the certificate holders.

Each fall, the Risk Management Services underwriting staff sends out an email to SCMIT and SCMIRF members requesting a review of the certificates. Members should then review the report to determine which certificates should be renewed for the new policy year and which should not be renewed.

For any questions about certificates of insurance, contact Robert Collins, underwriting manager at 803.933.1279 or; Chassidy Sistrunk, senior underwriter at 803.354.4755 or; or Sharon Turner, underwriter at 803.354.4757 or