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The Municipal Association Needs Your Updated City Information

The time has come again for every city and town to review, update and verify its information the Municipal Association uses for its Municipal Directory

This year, the deadline for doing so is Monday, November 20. Information about each city and town may be updated by using the Association’s Municipal Information Dashboard.

Aside from this annual update campaign, cities and towns should keep their information 
updated with the Association throughout the year. Updating frequently helps the Association 
keep all of South Carolina’s municipalities informed of key issues affecting their operations and 

With accurate and up-to-date contact information, the Association can provide local municipal staff with

The South Carolina Municipal Directory, covering details and contact information for all 271 municipalities. It also lists items such as the form of government used in each city and town, the regular schedule of council meetings and the names of all elected officials and key staff positions.

The online version of the directory allows users to search for municipalities based on characteristics like the county in which the municipality is located, its population, or which state representatives and state senators serve it. 

The Association allows only one person from each municipality to handle the annual update — the municipal clerk or the clerk’s designee — as a way of maintaining the accuracy of all submitted information. 

For assistance, or to make a new designation for the person responsible for the update, contact Joanna Ayers at or 803.933.1259.

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