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Updated MEO Institute On-Demand Courses Now Available

meo on demand
Joining the panel discussion for the MEO Institute on-demand session of "Municipal Economic Development" are, from left, Carolyn Sawyer, moderator; Jenny Boulware, Main Street South Carolina Manager, Conway Mayor Barbara Blain-Bellamy; Travelers Rest Mayor Brandy Amidon; and Parker Poe Attorney Ray Jones.

The Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government helps provide city and town leaders the knowledge to fulfill their responsibilities, and now MEO participants have access to updated versions of the institute’s online, on-demand sessions. In the new version of the courses, participants will hear from city and town officials and numerous Municipal Association staff members. Those officials who completed the older version of the courses do not need to take the new versions.

The online MEO Institute courses cover several of the key areas of municipal governance. While participants can take these courses online, they also have the opportunity to take the courses in person at select regional councils of governments locations each year. Whether the courses are taken online or in person, they count toward the requirements to become an MEO graduate.

Learn more about the online and in-person courses online

The on-demand courses are these:

Basic Budgeting and Municipal Finance – This course covers the important steps in the budget process from preparation to implementation and council monitoring of the budget.

Forms of Municipal Government – This addresses the three forms of municipal government in South Carolina: council, mayor-council and council-manager.

Freedom of Information Act in South Carolina – Learn about the state’s FOIA requirements such as what documents governments must release and how to give appropriate notice of public meetings.

Municipal Governance and Policy – Learn how municipal authority works under South Carolina law and how to implement effective municipal policies.

Municipal Economic Development – Understand how to take advantage of a community’s economic assets and available financing tools.

The Five Basics of Effective Governing — This course is optional, has no charge and is not for credit.