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Cyber Security Credentialing and Membership Programs Available

Cybersecurity First Responder Credentialing Program 

In July 2021, the International Society of Automation Global Cybersecurity Alliance, or ISAGCA; and the Incident Command System for Industrial Control Systems, or ICS4ICS; announced the formation of the cybersecurity first responder credentialing program. The program will consist of credentialed cyber security first responders who assist with the response to cyber events that occur beyond their companies.  

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s incident command system will be used as a framework to coordinate responses to the cyber incidents. This approach will guide those impacted with cyber-attacks by helping to identify incidents, assess damage, address challenges, communicate with agencies and stakeholders and resume day-to-day operations. 

The participants will receive response plan templates, tabletop exercises and ransomware guides that can be used when an incident occurs. Individuals in public and private sectors can apply by having their qualifications — including formal training and proven incident response experiences — reviewed by the committee within ICS4ICS.  

Learn more on the program's website. 

Cybersecurity Certification Programs 

There are also other cybersecurity certification programs providing credentialing for cyber security. In these, participants study for an exam to become certified. By passing the exam, they prove that they understand the anatomy of a cyber-attack and will be able to assist their organization before, during and after a cyber breach.  

Learn more about existing certifications in this list from the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies.

Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center Membership 

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center, or MS-IASC, is another program that members can use. It is not a credentialing program, but instead a membership for U.S. state, local, territorial and tribal governments.  

Membership to MS-IASC is free and will allow the government entity to take proactive steps to protect against a cyber incident. The MS-IASC team will also provide malware analysis, computer and network forensic and malicious code analysis and mitigation at no cost. Members will also receive information on emerging threats from different sources.  

Visit the MS-IASC website to learn more.