The Municipal Association of South Carolina has awarded Hometown Economic Development Grants to 14 cities and towns. Up to $25,000 each, the grants are intended to support those economic development projects that will make a positive impact on a municipality's quality of life. The grant program also promotes and recognizes innovation in economic development practices.

The Municipal Association board of directors created the program to fund projects that will produce measurable results, that can be maintained over time and illustrate best practices that can be replicated in other cities.

2019 Hometown Economic Development Grant Winners

City of Abbeville – "Abbeville Opera House Renovation"
The City of Abbeville will use grant funds as leverage for upgrades to the historic Abbeville Opera House, located in the heart of the city. Upgrades to the Opera House's sound and lighting systems, its roof and environmental systems will allow for additional performances that will boost attendance.
Contact: Mike Clary, 864.366.1800

Town of Awendaw – "Town of Awendaw Municipal Park Master Plan"
Seeking to further capitalize on its growing ecotourism industry, the Town of Awendaw will use grant funds to develop a master plan for its large municipal park. The park will tie in to the East Coast Greenway and allow the town to host a variety of ecotourism events to attract visitors.
Contact: Jody Muldrow, 843.928.3100

Town of Calhoun Falls – "Calhoun Falls Farmers Market Pavilion"
In 2017, the Town of Calhoun Falls established its first farmers market to cater to Lake Russell visitors and resident senior citizens participating in the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program. Having outgrown its current location, the town will use grant funds to construct a market pavilion to better accommodate visiting senior citizens and more vendors seeking to better serve the community.
Contact: Chris Cowan, 864.418.8512

Town of Cheraw – "Upfit Downtown: Historic Building Maintenance Grant"
Upfit Downtown is a pilot project the Town of Cheraw will use to spur rehabilitation of historic commercial buildings and add residential space in its downtown area.
Contact: Robert Wolfe, 843.537.7283

City of Dillon – "Destination Downtown Dillon!"
In an effort to slow the decline of its downtown and take advantage of potential economic growth opportunities, the City of Dillon will develop a downtown master plan with its grant funds. The plan will rely on stakeholder input to help envision the future of the downtown.
Contact: Bridget Thornton, 843.627.0122

Town of Edgefield – "Dave's Potters Park"
The Town of Edgefield was home to "Dave the Potter," an enslaved person whose pottery is treasured for its unique character and quality. The town will use its grant funds to develop a downtown park and event facility in honor of Dave's important effect on South Carolina.
Contact: Roger LeDuc, 803.645.3744

City of Inman – "City of Inman Event Pavilion"
The City of Inman will use its grant funds to help construct its first center-city events pavilion to house its farmers market and many annual events.
Contact: Missy House, 864.256.6337

Town of Jackson — "Jackson Community Center Park"
In need of more event space, the Town of Jackson will use grant funds to expand its Community Center Park to host outdoor activities, which will attract more visitors and economic activity.
Contact: Emma Lee Boring, 803.471.2229

Town of Jonesville – "Town of Jonesville Strategic Plan"
After years of decline due to the loss of the textile industry, the Town of Jonesville has started planning for its future. The town will use grant funds to develop its first-ever strategic plan to help the community focus on revitalization and the future.
Contact: Michael Tyler, 864.426.3333

City of Marion – "Our Vision Is Clear - It's 2020"
The City of Marion will use grant funds to expand its highly demanded facade improvement grant program. The expansion will allow more buildings to be improved and attract more economic activity.
Contact: Stephanie Rizzo, 843.423.9918

Town of Prosperity – "Retrofitting the Prosperity Depot"
Planning for revitalization, the Town of Prosperity's historic depot was completed in 2012, but the town has been unable to fund all of the work needed. The town will use its grant funds to make the depot ADA compliant, thereby making it accessible to all of the town's residents.
Contact: Karen Livingston, 803.364.2622

Town of Sellers – "Playground for Sellers"
Parents seeking a place for their children to play in the small Town of Sellers must leave town to find a playground. The town will use its grant funds for the replacement of equipment at the town's only park.
Contact: Barbara Hopkins, 843.758.3873

Town of Six Mile – "Community Park"
The Town of Six Mile's current comprehensive plan calls for the development of more green space and recreation. In pursuit of this vision, the town will use grant funds to develop and construct a community park in the central business district to attract visitors and business.
Contact: Rita Martin, 864.868.2653

City of Union – "The Depot — Main Street Alleyway"
With its grant funds, the City of Union will turn a burned-out building into a multiuse outdoor space that will connect Main Street to public parking and other amenities.
Contact: Robby Moody, 803.327.9041