The Municipal Association of South Carolina has awarded Hometown Economic Development Grants to 12 cities and towns. Up to $25,000 each, the grants are intended to support those economic development projects that will make a positive impact on a municipality's quality of life. The grant program also promotes and recognizes innovation in economic development practices.

The Municipal Association board of directors created the program to fund projects that will produce measurable results, that can be maintained over time and illustrate best practices that can be replicated in other cities.

2020 Hometown Economic Development Grant Winners

City of Belton – “Façade Mini-Grant Program”
In an effort to improve the look of its downtown area and recruit new business, the City of Belton will provide matching grants of up to $2,500 for businesses to rehabilitate storefronts.
Contact: Elanor Dorn, 864.940.3913

Town of James Island – “James Island Arts and Cultural Center”
With the loss of the library as an educational and social focal point for residents, the Town of James Island will repurpose its former library into an arts and cultural center. Grant funds will be leveraged with other funding to help renovate the interior of the building.
Contact: Ashley Kellahan, 843.795.4141

Town of Lake View – “Lake View Strategic Plan”
The need for a strategic plan for the Town of Lake View has become more important as the town acquires its most prominent natural asset, Page’s Mill Pond. Seeking to plan properly for the pond to become a destination, the town will use grant funds for the development of its future.
Contact: Karen Cook-Henderson, 843.759.2861

Town of McClellanville – “Preserving McClellanville’s Working Waterfront: Phase II Implementation”
Continuing the town’s efforts to preserve its working waterfront, the Town of McClellanville’s grant will fund efforts to build capacity and market the town’s seafood industry and culture.
Contact: Michelle McClellan, 843.887.3712

Town of McConnells – “Community Center Renovation”
Built in the 1990s, the McConnells Community Center is a focal point of this rural, agricultural community. However, the center’s interior spaces were never completed. The town will use its grant to renovate the center’s interior, which will allow for more use in the future.
Contact: Mayor Agnes Love, 803.684.4063

Town of Pageland – “Downtown Farmers Market”
Building on investments the town has made to improve its downtown and attract visitors, the Town of Pageland and its local partners will use grant funds to establish a downtown farmers market. Planned to be located next to the town’s green space, the market will host educational and entertainment events as well.
Contact: Cecil Kimrey, 843.672.7292

Town of Patrick – “Revitalize Downtown Landscaping”
Seeking to improve the aesthetics of its downtown and attract business, the Town of Patrick will use several partners to revitalize and renovate public landscaping along the lengths of its main roads.
Contact: Mayor Rosa Privette, 843.680.0480

Town of Pinewood – “Rehabilitation of Historic 1889 Depot”
Seeking to preserve and make use of the last train depot in Sumter County, the Town of Pinewood will rehabilitate the interior of its historic structure for use as an event center and museum.
Contact: Mayor Jackie Spann, 803.464.2089

Town of Salley – “Destination Downtown Septic Study”
The Town of Salley has lost out on opportunities for downtown growth because of a lack of adequate wastewater disposal options. The town will use its grant to conduct an engineering study in support of applications for funding construction of a wastewater system to serve downtown businesses.
Contact: Mayor LaDonna Hall, 803.291.0042

Town of Springfield – “Seeing Springfield”
Inadequate lighting downtown and along the town’s walking trail is an obstacle to attracting visitors after dark. In partnership with Dominion Energy, the Town of Springfield will use grant funds to convert existing street lights and install new ones with energy-efficient LED fixtures.
Contact: Angela Dore, 843.941.3703

Town of Troy – “Town Hall Polling Place Modernization”
After years of the Town of Troy’s town hall being used as a polling place, it was deemed unsuitable due to its lack of Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. The town will use grant funds to make its town hall ADA-compliant to restore it as a polling place for all residents.
Contact: Mayor Brian Dixon, 864.378.1011

City of Woodruff – “Block 224, A Downtown Multi-purpose Space”
The City of Woodruff will use its grant to transform a dilapidated downtown building from an eyesore into a shining public space that connects downtown businesses with off-street parking. The space will have a modern vibe and be used for public and private events, outdoor dining and relaxation.
Contact: Alyson Smith, 864.476.8154