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2021 Hometown Economic Development Grant Winners

City of Beaufort – "South Coast Cyber Center"
Beaufort will repurpose a former school facility into the downtown headquarters for the South Coast Cyber Center, a world-class facility dedicated to cybersecurity, cyber defense education and innovation. 
Contact: Carrie Gorsuch, 843.986.5609

City of Cayce – "Cayce River Arts District" 

Cayce will infuse more public art into the Cayce River Arts District through everyday objects in order to continue the area’s redevelopment and growth. 
Contact: Sarah Harris, 803.550.9545


Town of Donalds – "Municipal and Historical Preservation Park" 

Grant funds will help fully restore, renovate and optimize the building and parcel of the Donalds Grange No. 497, a historic property that is a part of the South Carolina Heritage Corridor and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 
Contact: William O Scoggins Jr, 864.992.3650


City of Georgetown  – "Multi-Purpose Outdoor Marketplace and Park" 

In partnership with multiple organizations, Georgetown will redevelop the empty downtown site of the former city hall into a multipurpose facility to host farmers markets, food trucks, holiday markets and a variety of other attractions. 
Contact: Christopher Inglese, 843.545.4075


Town of Greeleyville  – "Historic Downtown Streetscape Improvement Project" 

The town will use grant funds as part of a CDBG match to fund streetscape upgrades to the Greeleyville Town Centre. 
Contact: Carlether Nesmith, 843.372.4248


Town of Honea Path  – "Main Street Facelift" 

Honea Path will assist business owners ready to make positive changes to their facades in an effort to continue downtown revitalization efforts. 
Contact: Jan Bratcher, 864.314.3359


Town of Moncks Corner  – "Miracle League Field" 

Building on the planning work it has pursued in recent years, Moncks Corner will use grant funds for construction of its Miracle League Field. 
Contact: Douglas Polen, 843.719.7913


Town of Pacolet  – "Continuing the Pacolet Tradition" 

The Pacolet Amphitheater grounds and infrastructure will be rehabilitated and upgraded to ensure its continued use as a traditional gathering place for town residents and community events. 
Contact: Allison Gantte, 864.431.3935


Town of Pelion  – "Revitalization, Restoration and Reuse of the Former Pelion Train Warehouse" 

Grant funds will restore Pelion’s former train warehouse into a museum and event space that will host meetings. 
Contact: Janice Poole, 803.894.3535


Town of Seabrook Island  – "Gateway and Wayfinding" 

Helping visitors find their way to local attractions and businesses will become easier with Seabrook Island’s grant-funded project to install gateway and wayfinding signage.
Contact: Joseph Cronin, 843.768.9121


Town of Society Hill  – "1822 Library Historic Preservation" 

In preparation for its bicentennial in 2022, Society Hill will conduct rehabilitation and preservation work on one of the oldest surviving public lending libraries in the state. 
Contact: Tommy Bradshaw, 843.616.6304


City of Westminster  – "Gateway to Revitalization" 

Westminster will enhance its Commercial Building Improvement Grant Program in an effort to include more downtown buildings in the city’ revitalization. 
Contact: Kevin Bronson, 864.647.3200

2020 Hometown Economic Development Grant Winners

City of Belton – “Façade Mini-Grant Program”
In an effort to improve the look of its downtown area and recruit new business, the City of Belton will provide matching grants of up to $2,500 for businesses to rehabilitate storefronts.
Contact: Elanor Dorn, 864.940.3913


Town of James Island – “James Island Arts and Cultural Center”
With the loss of the library as an educational and social focal point for residents, the Town of James Island will repurpose its former library into an arts and cultural center. Grant funds will be leveraged with other funding to help renovate the interior of the building.
Contact: Ashley Kellahan, 843.795.4141


Town of Lake View – “Lake View Strategic Plan”
The need for a strategic plan for the Town of Lake View has become more important as the town acquires its most prominent natural asset, Page’s Mill Pond. Seeking to plan properly for the pond to become a destination, the town will use grant funds for the development of its future.
Contact: Karen Cook-Henderson, 843.759.2861


Town of McClellanville – “Preserving McClellanville’s Working Waterfront: Phase II Implementation”
Continuing the town’s efforts to preserve its working waterfront, the Town of McClellanville’s grant will fund efforts to build capacity and market the town’s seafood industry and culture.
Contact: Michelle McClellan, 843.887.3712


Town of McConnells – “Community Center Renovation”
Built in the 1990s, the McConnells Community Center is a focal point of this rural, agricultural community. However, the center’s interior spaces were never completed. The town will use its grant to renovate the center’s interior, which will allow for more use in the future.
Contact: Mayor Agnes Love, 803.684.4063


Town of Pageland – “Downtown Farmers Market”
Building on investments the town has made to improve its downtown and attract visitors, the Town of Pageland and its local partners will use grant funds to establish a downtown farmers market. Planned to be located next to the town’s green space, the market will host educational and entertainment events as well.
Contact: Cecil Kimrey, 843.672.7292


Town of Patrick – “Revitalize Downtown Landscaping”
Seeking to improve the aesthetics of its downtown and attract business, the Town of Patrick will use several partners to revitalize and renovate public landscaping along the lengths of its main roads.
Contact: Mayor Rosa Privette, 843.680.0480


Town of Pinewood – “Rehabilitation of Historic 1889 Depot”
Seeking to preserve and make use of the last train depot in Sumter County, the Town of Pinewood will rehabilitate the interior of its historic structure for use as an event center and museum.
Contact: Mayor Jackie Spann, 803.464.2089


Town of Salley – “Destination Downtown Septic Study”
The Town of Salley has lost out on opportunities for downtown growth because of a lack of adequate wastewater disposal options. The town will use its grant to conduct an engineering study in support of applications for funding construction of a wastewater system to serve downtown businesses.
Contact: Mayor LaDonna Hall, 803.291.0042


Town of Springfield – “Seeing Springfield”
Inadequate lighting downtown and along the town’s walking trail is an obstacle to attracting visitors after dark. In partnership with Dominion Energy, the Town of Springfield will use grant funds to convert existing street lights and install new ones with energy-efficient LED fixtures.
Contact: Angela Dore, 843.941.3703


Town of Troy – “Town Hall Polling Place Modernization”
After years of the Town of Troy’s town hall being used as a polling place, it was deemed unsuitable due to its lack of Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. The town will use grant funds to make its town hall ADA-compliant to restore it as a polling place for all residents.
Contact: Mayor Brian Dixon, 864.378.1011


City of Woodruff – “Block 224, A Downtown Multi-purpose Space”
The City of Woodruff will use its grant to transform a dilapidated downtown building from an eyesore into a shining public space that connects downtown businesses with off-street parking. The space will have a modern vibe and be used for public and private events, outdoor dining and relaxation.
Contact: Alyson Smith, 864.476.8154

2019 Hometown Economic Development Grant Winners

City of Abbeville – "Abbeville Opera House Renovation"
The City of Abbeville will use grant funds as leverage for upgrades to the historic Abbeville Opera House, located in the heart of the city. Upgrades to the Opera House's sound and lighting systems, its roof and environmental systems will allow for additional performances that will boost attendance.
Contact: Mike Clary, 864.366.1800

Town of Awendaw – "Town of Awendaw Municipal Park Master Plan"
Seeking to further capitalize on its growing ecotourism industry, the Town of Awendaw will use grant funds to develop a master plan for its large municipal park. The park will tie in to the East Coast Greenway and allow the town to host a variety of ecotourism events to attract visitors.
Contact: Jody Muldrow, 843.928.3100

Town of Calhoun Falls – "Calhoun Falls Farmers Market Pavilion"
In 2017, the Town of Calhoun Falls established its first farmers market to cater to Lake Russell visitors and resident senior citizens participating in the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program. Having outgrown its current location, the town will use grant funds to construct a market pavilion to better accommodate visiting senior citizens and more vendors seeking to better serve the community.
Contact: Chris Cowan, 864.418.8512

Town of Cheraw – "Upfit Downtown: Historic Building Maintenance Grant"
Upfit Downtown is a pilot project the Town of Cheraw will use to spur rehabilitation of historic commercial buildings and add residential space in its downtown area.
Contact: Robert Wolfe, 843.537.7283

City of Dillon – "Destination Downtown Dillon!"
In an effort to slow the decline of its downtown and take advantage of potential economic growth opportunities, the City of Dillon will develop a downtown master plan with its grant funds. The plan will rely on stakeholder input to help envision the future of the downtown.
Contact: Bridget Thornton, 843.627.0122

Town of Edgefield – "Dave's Potters Park"
The Town of Edgefield was home to "Dave the Potter," an enslaved person whose pottery is treasured for its unique character and quality. The town will use its grant funds to develop a downtown park and event facility in honor of Dave's important effect on South Carolina.
Contact: Roger LeDuc, 803.645.3744

City of Inman – "City of Inman Event Pavilion"
The City of Inman will use its grant funds to help construct its first center-city events pavilion to house its farmers market and many annual events.
Contact: Missy House, 864.256.6337

Town of Jackson — "Jackson Community Center Park"
In need of more event space, the Town of Jackson will use grant funds to expand its Community Center Park to host outdoor activities, which will attract more visitors and economic activity.
Contact: Emma Lee Boring, 803.471.2229

Town of Jonesville – "Town of Jonesville Strategic Plan"
After years of decline due to the loss of the textile industry, the Town of Jonesville has started planning for its future. The town will use grant funds to develop its first-ever strategic plan to help the community focus on revitalization and the future.
Contact: Michael Tyler, 864.426.3333

City of Marion – "Our Vision Is Clear - It's 2020"
The City of Marion will use grant funds to expand its highly demanded facade improvement grant program. The expansion will allow more buildings to be improved and attract more economic activity.
Contact: Stephanie Rizzo, 843.423.9918

Town of Prosperity – "Retrofitting the Prosperity Depot"
Planning for revitalization, the Town of Prosperity's historic depot was completed in 2012, but the town has been unable to fund all of the work needed. The town will use its grant funds to make the depot ADA compliant, thereby making it accessible to all of the town's residents.
Contact: Karen Livingston, 803.364.2622

Town of Sellers – "Playground for Sellers"
Parents seeking a place for their children to play in the small Town of Sellers must leave town to find a playground. The town will use its grant funds for the replacement of equipment at the town's only park.
Contact: Barbara Hopkins, 843.758.3873

Town of Six Mile – "Community Park"
The Town of Six Mile's current comprehensive plan calls for the development of more green space and recreation. In pursuit of this vision, the town will use grant funds to develop and construct a community park in the central business district to attract visitors and business.
Contact: Rita Martin, 864.868.2653

City of Union – "The Depot — Main Street Alleyway"
With its grant funds, the City of Union will turn a burned-out building into a multiuse outdoor space that will connect Main Street to public parking and other amenities.
Contact: Catawba Regional Council of Governments, 803.327.9041



​2018 winners

  • City of Bamberg – "Caboose in the Middle"
    In recognition of the area's status as home to the first rail line in South Carolina, the city and county will partner to place an historic caboose next to the county courthouse campus which will celebrate the Hamberg-Charleston line and attract visitors of all ages.
    Contact: Bruce Watson, 803.245.5128
  • Town of Batesburg-Leesville – "Batesburg-Leesville Master Plan"
    The town will use its grant funds to create a master plan which will include a strategic vision for its two historic business districts, two town parks and the conversion of an historic auditorium into a performing arts theatre.
    Contact: Ted Luckadoo, 803.532.4601
  • Town of Blacksburg – "Lime Street Trail Head and Park"
    The town's project will be the first step in a countywide trail project to connect the Cowpens National Battlefield with King's Mountain National Military Park. The town will use grant funds for architectural and engineering services related to the park's development.
    Contact: Charlene Carter, 864.839.2332
  • Town of Brunson – "Brunson Streetscape"
    Continuing with its previous efforts through others grant projects, the town will use its grant funds for a variety of activities to improve its central business district including façade upgrades, parking improvements, decorative lighting and landscaping.
    Contact: Barbara Johnson, 843.473.3951
  • City of Central – "Façade Grant Improvement Program"
    Capitalizing on its ongoing downtown improvement efforts, the city will leverage grants funds with local dollars to expand its Façade Grant Improvement Program.
    Contact: Tom Cloer, 864.639.6381
  • City of Conway – "Riverfront Amphitheater Feasibility Study"
    The city will conduct a feasibility study for a proposed amphitheater along the downtown Riverwalk. The proposed amphitheater would be home to the existing Theatre of the Republic and allow it to hold outdoor performances, which will attract residents and visitors to the downtown.
    Contact: John Rogers, 843.248.1760
  • Town of Gifford – "Gifford Rosenwald School"
    Using grant funds as leverage with a Community Development Block Grant, the town will stabilize and renovate its historic Rosenwald School for use as a technology and vocational education facility.
    Contact: Jessica Dailey, 843.473.3960
  • City of Laurens – "Small Business Learning Lab"
    The Small Business Learning Lab will be a small business development center for the City of Laurens and a resource center for entrepreneurs. Grant funds will be used to engage design professionals to develop the Learning Lab in a historic downtown building that will focus on the design elements needed to make the lab suitable for attracting entrepreneurs.
    Contact: Jonathan Irick, 864.984.2119
  • Town of Lowrys – "Giving in a Small Town"
    Through many gifts it has received over the years, the Town of Lowrys provides rural living to its residents through open space and unique events. With the use of grant funds, the town will establish a permanent town hall by renovating a historic building as a gift to its residents.
    Contact: Marilyn Pressley, 803.385.7038
  • Town of Moncks Corner – "Miracle League Field"
    The town will match 100 percent of grant funds and use private in-kind services to pay for design costs of its $1.2 million Miracle League Field at its Regional Recreation Complex.
    Contact: Doug Polen, 843.719.7913
  • City of Orangeburg – "Open Air Market and Pavilion"
    Partnering with the Downtown Orangeburg Revitalization Association, Orangeburg County and the state, the city will use grant funds to design an open air market and pavilion to host the city's weekly farmers market and provide an anchor for center city events.
    Contact: John Singh, 803.533.6000
  • Town of Richburg – "Renovation and Maintenance of 107 and 109 Broad Street"
    Threatened with losing its post office, the town will use grant funds to stabilize and renovate 107 and 109 Broad Street. The building is a key asset in the town that houses the post office, a community food pantry and a proposed railroad museum.
    Contact: Tommy McMinn, 803.374.7222
  • Town of Saluda – "Saluda Theater"
    Built in the Art Deco style in 1936, the recently-restored Saluda Theater will be brought back to life with grant funds which will provide modern audio, video and lighting equipment and allow the town and the Saluda Historical Society to once again attract residents and visitors for movies, plays and concerts.
    Contact: Tom Brooks, 864.445.3522

2017 winners

  • Anderson —"Shock This Block"
    "Shock This Block" is an initiative to use creative placemaking strategies to create a unified, site-specific development plan for downtown Anderson.
    Contact: Beth Batson, 864.934.3054
  • Belton — "Belton and Beyond"
    "Belton and Beyond" is a partnership between the city and the Belton Alliance that will develop an exercise area and trailhead near the downtown. This will provide a free, family-friendly environment for residents of all ages to gather together and get healthy. The trailhead will be the entry point to a walking trail connecting the downtown to the Belton Recreation Hub and Leda Poore Sports Complex.
    Contact: Eleanor Dorn, 864.940.3913
  • Estill — Demolition of Blighted Buildings
    The Town of Estill will leverage its grant funds with a Community Development Block Grant to demolish 26 vacant, dilapidated housing structures and the 21,000-square-foot former Best Manufacturing building.
    Contact: Barbara Johnson, 843.473.3951
  • Johnston ­— "Revitalizing the Peach Capital"
    The Town of Johnston will use its grant to fund the redevelopment of the former police station as a focal point for visitors and residents and revitalize landscaping downtown.
    Contact: Frances Quarles, 803.275.2488
  • Lancaster — Downtown Farmers Market and Open Air Pavilion
    The City of Lancaster will pay for professional services related to developing and producing design plans for a multipurpose downtown farmers market and open-air pavilion.
    Contact: Flip Hutfles, 803.289.1453
  • Landrum — Historical and Railroad Museum Additions
    The City of Landrum intends to acquire and develop an unused passenger rail car into a railroad and historical museum that will sit next to the restored historic Landrum Depot.
    Contact: Rich Caplan, 864.457.3000
  • McClellanville — Securing the Future of McClellanville's Working Waterfront
    Through partnerships that include the Town of McClellanville, the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium, the East Cooper Land Trust and Carolina Common Enterprise, the town will develop a master plan to secure the future of the town's working waterfront and seafood industry.
    Contact: Michelle McClellan, 843.887.3712
  • Pickens — #TakeMeToPickens
    Building on the success of its Doodle Trail, the City of Pickens will create the Doodle Park Mural and also expand the Turtles on the Town campaign, which promotes Pickens and its small businesses.
    Contact: Becky Horace, 864.952.9660
  • Spartanburg — African-American Business Development Initiative
    In collaboration with several partners, the City of Spartanburg will implement a business development initiative that will specifically promote the development and support of African-American-owned businesses and businesses seeking to locate within African-American communities.
    Contact: Patty Bock, 864.596.2972
  • West Columbia — Interactive City Park
    In partnership with EngenuitySC, the City of West Columbia will use grant funds to develop infrastructure within its Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible interactive park to allow it to host music performances, art displays, life-size checkers and chess boards, and other attractions to support local artists.
    Contact: Brian Carter, 803.939.8600

2016 winners

  • Beaufort – Support the newly established public private partnership with the Charleston Digital Corridor to establish and manage the Beaufort Digital Corridor for the City of Beaufort.
    Contact: Bill Prokop, 843.525.7070
  • Clinton – Engage an architectural firm to create a professional master plan and strategic vision for the Industrial Supply Company warehouse complex in downtown Clinton.
    Contact: Jerre Threatt, 864.833.7505
  • Gaffney – Fund over a two-year period the Gaffney Main Street Challenge Competition to bring new businesses to Gaffney's downtown.
    Contact: James Taylor, 864.487.6247
  • Manning – Engage a professional services firm to assist the city to develop retail strategy thinking, marketing data and trade brochures for use at retail recruiting conferences.
    Contact: Scott Tanner, 803.435.8477
  • Ridgeway – Restore and repair iconic structures in the town and rehabilitate sidewalks in support of the town's "Paint the Town Red with Revitalization" campaign.
    Contact: Charlene Herring, 803.337.2213
  • Walterboro –Fund engineering costs for the Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary Discovery Center, the gateway to the ACE Basin.
    Contact: Jeff Molinari, 843.782.1011
  • West Pelzer and Pelzer –Develop a Main Street Corridor Master Plan and Economic Impact Analysis for both towns. 
    Contact: Blake Sanders, 864.947.6297
  • Williamston – Fund a façade improvement grant program and the Mustang Alley feasibility study.
    Contact: Sonya Crandall, 864.650.7075