Ethics Tip: Disclose Private Income Sources

​According to a 2017 amendment to the Ethics Act, individuals filing Statements of Economic Interests after January 1, 2017, must disclose the source (but not the actual amount) of private income received by the filer or a member of his immediate family. This does not include income received relative to court orders; interest received on a savings, checking or brokerage account with a licensed financial institution; or most mutual funds. 

Don't forget — immediate family includes a child residing in the household, a spouse or an individual claimed as a dependent for tax purposes. For more information, refer to Section 8-13-1120 of the Ethics Reform Act.

The monthly Ethics Tip was provided by the SC Ethics Commission. Commission Executive Director Meghan Walker will present provisions of the State Ethics Act and how local officials must comply with them on Thursday, October 25, during the SC Business Licensing Officials Association/SC Municipal Finance Officers, Clerks and Treasurers Association Joint Academy.