COVID-19 Resources Available

Major disruptions due to the new coronavirus arrived nationwide in March, shutting down businesses, schools, public meetings and special events.

The Municipal Association of SC began assembling online resources to help cities and towns start the process of assisting their residents and local economy, and to find ways to maintain continuity of governmental services.

Because of the rapidly evolving nature of this major public health crisis, the Association has updated the resources available to municipal officials numerous times. Here's a look at some of the material made available:

COVID-19 Impacts on the Municipal Association's Annual Meeting

The Municipal Association of SC Annual Meeting is now planned for a shorter schedule on July 16 – 18 at the Charleston Place Hotel, with an agenda focused on COVID-19 recovery.

The Association will not use the usual online registration process with designated representatives this year. Each city will be responsible for registering for the meeting on the Association's website, and for making hotel reservations by contacting the hotels. The deadline to register for the meeting is June 29.

Find more information online as it becomes available.