December 2022
December 2022 Uptown
New Legislative Session, More Changes
Risk Management Services Recognizes Graduates, Award Winners
‘Council of Errors’ Coming to Hometown Legislative Action Day
2022 Hometown Economic Development Grant Recipients Announced
Start 2023 With Professional Development Opportunities
First Participants Complete ‘MCAA 101’ Courses
SC Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Seeks Ward Maps From All Municipalities
Keep Your Business License Data ‘Clean’
GatherGuard Provides Special Event Coverage
Planning and Logistics Create Festival Successes
Putting Civility Front and Center
Finding and Retaining Good Employees
Give Appointed Committees Space to Work
New Year, New Annual Notice of Meetings
SC Public Invocation Act Governs Prayer at Meetings
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November 2022
November 2022 Uptown
Listening to the People: Public Officials' Accessibility Takes Many Forms
2023 HLAD, MEO Institute Coming in February
Complete the 2023 Compensation Survey
Update Your Elected Official and Staff Information With the Municipal Association
MCTI Graduates Three New Officials
Business Licensing Essentials: Local Business License Renewal Center Walkthrough
Tax Credits Help Resurrect Historic Storefronts
Federal Cybersecurity Funding Could Help SC Cities and Towns
Who Can Preside Over Council Meetings?
Follow the Rules With Planned Development Districts
Overlay Districts Drive Desirable Development
Coping With Growth: Population Increases Challenge Services, Staff Capacity
Keep the Official Zoning Map Updated
Managing the Risks of Land Use Regulations
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October 2022
October 2022 Uptown
Resilience Through Design Partnerships Drive Drainage Solutions
Firefighter Healthcare Benefit Plan Offers Cancer Assistance
Association Highlight: SC Community Development Association
What Police Departments Need to Know About Act 218
Stay Safe With These Fourth-Quarter Risk Management Tips
Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government Monthly Quiz
Avoid the Pitfalls of Elected Official Social Media
Handling the Oaths of Office Correctly
Are You Cleaning Your Firefighter PPE Effectively?
V-SAFE grants help Volunteer Fire Departments
Cities Nurture a Tech-friendly Economy
Online Engagement Brings Local Government to the Residents
Why Multi-Factor Authentication Is Essential
Responding to Emails and Texts Appropriately
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August/September 2022
August-September 2022
‘Not a Win-or-Lose’ Civility as a Foundation of Community Change
The 2022 – 2023 Board of Directors
News Briefs
Three Questions With Mayor Rick Osbon

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