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​The Mantissa Executive Suites & Spa, Hartsville

A run-down furniture store that was originally a Belk department store in downtown Hartsville has found new life. Facade renovations over the years had erased the original architecture of the early 20th century building. But today, the building is home to a boutique hotel with a medical spa, a fine dining restaurant and rooftop bar.

The upscale design includes a glass front facade for the restaurant. The 17 suites have decorative upper-story brickwork, new windows with individual awnings, copper downspouts, wrought iron private balconies and a monogrammed glass breezeway.

The hotel’s courtyard is an attractive pedestrian thoroughfare connecting the street to parking at the rear entrance. Where an old canopy and cinder blocks once made the rear entrance uninviting, a pocket park with string lights and picnic tables is now inviting.

The City of Hartsville worked with private investors to create a financial environment that supported the hotel’s location downtown. Through an economic development ordinance the hotel owners received several incentives. This investment by the city has resulted in an explosion of other businesses in the block adjacent to the hotel.

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