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Municipal Association of SC Annual Meeting


2024 Annual Meeting Registration Process

Each municipality must choose one representative to be the point of contact for the Association during the online registration appointed time. The representative must register online for the drawing by May 31.   

The Association will use its regular registration process to make sure that municipal officials have priority for the limited available reservations and ticketed events. The registration appointments will be June 17, 18 and 20.

Before the June 17, 18 or 20 appointment time, the municipal representative must take these steps to make sure their registration is successful:  

  • Collect completed registration worksheets from everyone from the municipality who will attend the meeting. The worksheets and agenda and registration brochure will be available online on May 13. The brochure will be mailed on May 27. 
  • Arrange access to a computer, the internet and the phone number specified when registering for the drawing.   
  • Verify credit cards for payment.   
  • Use either Visa or MasterCard.  
  • If needed, the system will accept more than one credit card per registration. 
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