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  • Residents and businesses located in an unincorporated area completely surrounded by a municipality often face uncertain public safety response times and inefficient service delivery.


  • Update the state's annexation laws to allow more flexibility in annexing property completely surrounded by a city or town. City residents will see increased efficiency of service delivery and effectiveness of public safety if cities and towns are able to annex unincorporated enclaves completely surrounded by the city.

Talking Points:

  • Enclaves lead to inefficient uses of government services. In addition to the questions over maintenance or zoning issues, enclaves provide an element of confusion over essential government services such as water, sewer, garbage, police and fire protection.
  • Businesses and residents within the incorporated areas pay for enclave residents and businesses to enjoy the enhanced quality of life provided by municipal services such as parks, infrastructure and planning.
  • Outdated annexation laws that prevent orderly and cost-effective growth patterns stunt the growth of South Carolina's cities and towns. Cities mean business.
  • Cities that are able to grow within their boundaries find it easier to attract a higher quality workforce and more industry and business. Updated annexation laws can make it easier for cities to attract economic development by showing realistic evidence of local population numbers and growth patterns.