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June 9, 2023

The House of Representatives met in special session on Wednesday to take up conference reports and gubernatorial vetoes. The Senate did not meet this week. During the House session on Wednesday, Speaker Murrell Smith told legislators to expect to return to Columbia next week and the week after for conference reports. 

The Senate is scheduled to return to Columbia on Wednesday, June 14 at noon. There is also a conference committee scheduled on H3532, the bond reform bill, on the same day at 11 a.m. 

House joins Senate in veto override of municipal audit bill 
Several weeks ago, Gov. Henry McMaster vetoed S31, the bill that allows cities and towns with less than $500,000 in total revenues the option of providing a compilation of financial statements instead of a full audit. 

The Senate voted unanimously on May 23 to override the veto. On Wednesday, the House also voted to override the governor’s veto by a vote of 72-33. As a result, the bill becomes law effective immediately. 

The Municipal Association included small cities’ compiling of financial statements for submission to the state treasurer in its 2023 – 2024 Advocacy Initiatives.       

For questions about the financial compilation legislation, contact Erica Wright ( at 803.354.4793. 

Fentanyl trafficking bill conference report adopted 
The House concurred on the Senate changes to H3503, the penalties for fentanyl trafficking bill. The bill imposes a mandatory minimum sentence of seven years for anyone in possession of 4 to 14 grams of fentanyl or more. The penalties increase with the greater amount of fentanyl. The bill includes a possession-with-intent-to-distribute charge and a simple-possession charge with 2 grams or more. The bill also makes it illegal for someone who is convicted of distribution, manufacturing or trafficking of a controlled substance to possess a firearm. Next, the bill goes to the governor for his signature or veto. 

The Municipal Association included fentanyl trafficking penalties in its 2023 – 2024 Advocacy Initiatives.       

For questions about the fentanyl legislation, contact Erica Wright ( at 803.354.4793. 

Budget conference report adopted by committee 
The budget conference committee met on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week and adopted a conference report on Thursday evening. Conferees are Sens. Peeler, Alexander and Setzler as well as Reps. Bannister, Herbkersman and Rutherford who is filling in for Weeks who is on vacation. The short term rental proviso that prohibits cities and towns from banning short term rentals was removed from the budget.  

For questions about the budget, contact Joannie Nickel ( at 803.354.4794. 

Stay in Touch 
The Municipal Association legislative team is on Twitter. Follow Scott Slatton (@ScottMuniSC), Joannie Nickel (@JoannieMuniSC) and Erica Wright (@EricaMuniSC) for updates from the State House. Also follow the Association at @MuniAssnSC.  

From the Dome to Your Home podcast 
The Municipal Association has launched another podcast, dedicated only to legislative information. The From the Dome to Your Home podcast offers more guests, more insight and more legislative information all year round. Enjoy both City Quick Connect for municipal information and project highlights and From the Dome to Your Home for everything legislative. 

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