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April 5, 2024

The Senate met in regular session this week, while the House took a furlough week and did not meet in session or in committee. The House will meet in regular session next week and the Senate will only meet in subcommittee and committee, not in statewide session in the chamber. The deadline for bills to pass out of the originating body, also called the crossover deadline, is this Wednesday, April 10. 

The property tax exemption bill, S1017, remains in the House Ways and Means Committee along with S1021, the abandoned buildings tax credit bill. Senators debated joint and several liability legislation this week. Ultimately, they did not pass the bill, but have placed it on the contested calendar. 

The last day of the regular session is Thursday, May 9. This is the second year of a two-year session, so any bills that do not pass in to law will be dead and must be reintroduced for the 2025 – 2026 session to be considered. 

Senate passes military TIF bill 
The Senate gave second reading to H4552, the military tax increment financing district bill, on Wednesday, and third reading on Thursday. This bill amends current law to include affordable housing developments as allowable projects in a military TIF district. It also includes language that expands where TIF dollars can be spent, and extends the bonding period from 15 years to 35 years. The Senate amended the bill to change the effective date to July 1, 2024. Next, the bill will go back to the House for concurrence or nonconcurrence on the amended version of the bill. 

For information on this bill, contact Erica Wright ( at 803.354.4793. 

New Bill Introductions 
Each week, House and Senate members introduce new bills that are referred to a committee to begin the legislative process.  Bills that have an effect on municipal government are tracked by the Municipal Association legislative team in the legislative tracking system. 

For questions about the new bill introductions, contact Casey Fields ( at 803.933.1203. 

Stay in Touch 
The Municipal Association legislative team is on X. Follow Joannie Nickel (@JoannieMuniSC) and Erica Wright (@EricaMuniSC) for updates from the State House. Also follow the Association at @MuniAssnSC.  

Don’t forget to listen to the From the Dome to Your Home podcast every Friday for a recap of the week’s legislative issues and a look to the week ahead at the State House. 

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Committee Report

Senate Judiciary subcommittee 
H5118Enacts the South Carolina Ten-Year Energy Transformation Actfavorable report 
Summary of the bill as introduced: Makes changes to current energy policy to promote the development of new and reliable energy infrastructure resources, fostering resilient and reliable energy infrastructure.