Recruiting and retaining quality public safety personnel stands as one of the biggest challenges facing municipalities. Applicant pools for public safety positions are declining, hindered by low wages, public image concerns and limited opportunities for advancement.

The SC Municipal Insurance and Risk Financing Fund offers a law enforcement hiring card to explain the steps of the law enforcement hiring process. The five steps in the hiring process are these:

  1. Recruitment
    This involves writing job descriptions, advertising for the position and selecting candidates.
  2. Aptitude and physical fitness tests and interviews
    Candidates should complete the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Physical Ability Test as well as an aptitude test. Employers should perform interviews, and should present written conditional offers to the candidates.
  3. Background checks
    Employers should perform in-depth background checks. This can include credit checks, criminal history checks and a review of the candidate’s 10-year driving history.
  4. Polygraph, psychological and drug tests with medical exams
    Candidates should complete polygraph, psychological and drug tests. Employers should have a medical examination completed as well.
  5. Employment
    Before hiring, employers should make a final offer of employment. They should also notify the SC Criminal Justice Academy within 72 hours of hire and complete the appropriate SCCJA forms. The candidate should then complete the SC Criminal Justice Academy and new employee orientation.
A copy of the electronic hiring flow chare can be found here. For more information on the hiring process, see SCMIRF's Law Enforcement Hiring Process webpage.