In September 2020, the General Assembly passed legislation establishing the Firefighter Cancer Healthcare Benefit Plan. This law creates a supplemental insurance policy for paid and unpaid firefighters who are South Carolina residents and who are diagnosed with cancer. The state budget for FY 2021-2022 includes $3.7 million to fund this benefit plan.

The types of cancer that the supplemental insurance policy covers include

  • central and peripheral nervous system;
  • oropharyngeal;
  • respiratory tract;
  • gastrointestinal tract;
  • hepatobiliary;
  • solid organ and endocrine;
  • genitourinary and male reproductive;
  • gynecological;
  • skin, soft tissue, and breast; and
  • bone and blood.

Through the plan, a firefighter is entitled to

  • a one-time benefit of $20,000,
  • an annual out-of-pocket expenses reimbursement of up to $12,000, and
  • a $75,000 death benefit. 

More information about the firefighter health benefit can be found online or by emailing