In March, the coronavirus pandemic started impacting operations of cities and towns in South Carolina. Helping to mitigate the spread of the pandemic among employees became an important goal for municipal employers, while also maintaining continuity of operations. As many cities and towns have begun to reopen to some degree, the coronavirus remains a threat. Teleworking efforts, set up by some municipalities during the initial onset of the coronavirus, have provided lessons that can help create an improved teleworking experience in the future.

Here are some things to consider when teleworking:
  • Provide secure remote access with virtual private network, or VPN, and/or multifactor authentication.
  • Address any licensing concerns for remote access processes.
  • Ensure employees know how to access and use the applications remotely.
  • Determine minimum security requirements that should be met on personal computers.
  • Be sure that the municipality’s computers continue to have security updates applied.
  • Ensure that the employee’s home internet connection is password protected.
  • Remind users frequently to exercise caution when clicking on links and opening attachments.
  • Include teleworking security in existing security awareness training.
  • Develop a remote access policy, or update an existing policy if one is already established.
  • Provide remote meeting solutions and train staff on how to use the solution.
  • Develop a consistent method to communicate information to employees.
  • Establish flexible work schedules.
After the pandemic is over, consider addressing any future opportunities to work remotely. 

NetDiligence has published a variety of articles in its learning center related to teleworking. These are available in the eRiskHub, which can be accessed through the SC Municipal Insurance and Risk Financing Fund member resources. Those who do not have access to the eRiskHub or who have any questions can contact Cindy Martellini at for more information.