MCTI Graduates Three Officials

​The SC Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Institute gained three new graduates this March. MCTI is a three-year program providing clerks and treasurers with skills critical to their profession.

SC Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Institute spring 2019 graduates
The newest MCTI graduates are Julie Hammond, clerk, Town of Chapin;
Summer Brown, town clerk, Town of Ridge Spring; and Amyee Rogers,
administration supervisor, Town of Pendleton.

The spring 2019 graduates are Summer Brown, town clerk for the Town of Ridge Spring; Amyee Rogers, administration supervisor for the Town of Pendleton; and Julie Hammond, clerk for the Town of Chapin.

Graduation from the program requires participants to complete more than 120 class hours on topics such as business license management, accounting and municipal law. Completion satisfies the education requirements for the certifications offered by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks as well as the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada. Those seeking the Certified Municipal Clerk designation also need to complete a capstone project.

The program is scheduled as six sessions, each taking place over 2 ½ days. Participants can begin the program at any point, and are encouraged to attend sessions consecutively.