Dig Into the 2019 Compensation Survey Results

​The Municipal Association of South Carolina's online compensation survey provides a user-friendly way for cities and towns to see how much specific municipal jobs are paid around the state, allowing them to save research time when determining how to set competitive compensation levels.

In 2019, 58 percent of South Carolina's municipalities completed the Association's compensation survey, the results of which are now available online.

Users can generate specific reports based on search criteria, allowing them to look at municipalities of a particular population range as well as specific job positions. The number of full-time employees or the annual payroll of a particular city or town can also be generated. Users can search salary ranges, merit raise minimums or maximums, or the range of a cost-of-living adjustment. All of the compensation survey data can be exported into Excel spreadsheets and users can download the entire compensation survey report as a PDF.

While responding to the survey is voluntary for municipalities, higher response rates increase the usefulness of the data. The Association requests survey participation from cities and towns each year in January and February.

Find the survey online. For more information, contact Sara Snell at or 803.933.1240.