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New City Quick Connect Podcast

Listen to the February 17 podcast to hear Scott Slatton and Casey Fields discuss the amended H4431, the business license bill, & why the Municipal Association of SC supports the new version of the proposed legislation.

Cities Mean Business Magazine: Winter 2020

Cities Mean Business is a biannual magazine published in partnership with SC Biz magazine to showcase the positive impact that cities and towns have on the state’s economic competitiveness efforts.

From the Dome to Your Home: February 21

Read From the Dome to Your Home for details on the full committee amendment to H4431, the business license bill, and next steps.

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Uptown February 2020 Cover

Residents and Businesses as Customers

Whether it's offering a one-stop shop for business licensing or streamlining billing for utility customers, cities and towns are putting a greater focus on customer service for residents and businesses.