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​To receive a hard copy of these publications, the Municipal Association accepts the following forms of payment: cash, checks, money orders, MasterCard and Visa.

Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, wherever a masculine pronoun is used in this publication, the same is intended, and shall be understood and interpreted to include all individuals, of any gender, or those who do not identify with any gender.

The content of these publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part and in any form without permission from the Municipal Association of South Carolina. Each member municipality in good standing of the Association is hereby given permission to use, adapt, and reproduce the publications for the member’s own municipal purposes. No use of the publications may be made for resale or any other commercial purpose or distribution in any form, including by any third-party professional or consultant retained by a member of the Association.

Annexation Handbook 
Explains the annexation procedures approved by the General Assembly in 2000. (updated 2022)

Annual Report
Lists programs and services the Association offers. (updated 2023)

Cities Mean Business magazine

Compensation Survey (Online only)
The survey reports wages and salaries for municipalities.

Comprehensive Planning Guide for Local Governments 
Explains in detail the legal issues involved in zoning and the latest changes to the Comprehensive Planning Act. (updated 2018)
The 2007 Priority Investment Act added two planning elements (transportation and priority investment). For information about these elements, refer to the Priority Investment Act Implementation Guide.

Election Handbook 
The handbook provides detailed instructions for conducting SC municipal elections. (updated 2017)

Forms and Powers of Municipal Government 
This guide outlines the roles and responsibilities of the municipal council and the mayor according to the form of government. It also surveys the powers entrusted to municipal governments. (updated 2017)

Freedom of Information Act booklet
The latest revision of The Public Official's Guide to Compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. Provided by the SC Press Association

Handbook for Municipal Officials in South Carolina 
The handbook gives a general overview of local government operations for elected and appointed municipal officials. (updated 2017)

How to Conduct Effective Meetings
Informative look at proper procedure for public meetings. (updated 2014)

Incorporation Handbook 
Explains the incorporation procedures approved by the General Assembly in 2000.

Legislative Review 
Recap of state legislation impacting local governments from the previous year's legislative session.

Model Employee Handbook for SC Municipalities 
A resource to help municipalities ensure they meet the technical requirements of state and federal employment laws. (updated 2021)  (Word version)

Municipal Officials and Legislative Directory 
Contact information for state and local elected officials is located in one publication. The Directory lists pertinent information about all SC municipalities such as population, address, telephone and fax numbers and when council meets. (updated annually - available online)

The Directory also lists names of state and local elected officials and employees who hold key positions. State House and Senate members are listed by committee and municipality represented. (updated annually - available only in print)

SC Chapter of American Planning Association Priority Investment Act Implementation Guide 

SC Business License Handbook 
The handbook is a working tool for interpreting and administering business license ordinances in SC. (updated 2022)

Tips for Hometown Media Success

The monthly newsletter reports on local government issues, legislative concerns, affiliate associations' activities and innovative programs of member municipalities. No advertising accepted.