The SC Municipal Insurance and Risk Financing Fund offers its members a risk reduction review to assist in the identification and mitigation of high-liability activities found in police operations. SCMIRF law enforcement agencies have completed this review every year for the past four years.

The risk reduction review is not intended to replace or supplement other industry resources. SCMIRF encourages agencies to participate in recognized programs that evaluate law enforcement services based on benchmarks, accountability, industry best practices and professionalism.

This risk reduction review also does not represent all known risks to law enforcement agencies, but is instead intended to address the areas of significant liability. Its goal is to mitigate liability exposures, enhance officer safety and validate that training and operating procedures are meeting industry standards and law. SCMIRF will continue to revise and update the risk reduction review as additional liability concerns are identified.

There are 12 main questions, with additional sub-questions assigned to each main question. The five principles on which the review evaluates agencies are these:

  1. Policy
    Does the department have sound policies based upon professional thinking, court decisions and statutes and on the principle of "foreseeability?"
  2. Training
    Officers are expected to follow the department policy and be trained in the use of the policy. The department provides a framework for testing officers in policy and practice.

  3. Supervision
    Supervisors are expected to be engaged with subordinate staff in supporting performance excellence.
  4. Performance management
    A clear disciplinary process is in place, and officers are held accountable for the violations of rules and policies.
  5. Review and revision
    The department utilizes a system of review for high-liability incidents involving the analysis of internal affairs investigations, civilian complaints, early warning system information, use of force, vehicle pursuits, holding cell operations, body-worn camera process and officer/suspect injury patterns. The department maintains current policies within a revision cycle supported by municipal management oversight.

Once completed, the review shows how the department meets each recommendation, and whether any steps currently being taken to accomplish recommended goals are not yet achieved. In the past, a score of 80% was needed to pass the assessment. In 2020, 88 agencies completed the assessment with the average score being 97%.

However, in the coming year, no score will be generated, and SCMIRF members are encouraged to use the assessment to improve their policies and programs based on any deficiencies identified by completing the assessment.

In 2021, a similar SC Municipal Insurance Trust law enforcement assessment will be available for members to complete.

For more information, contact Chris Radcliff, public safety loss control consultant at or 803.354.4764.