The Advanced Continuing Education track provides the Association’s top level of graduates with a pathway to stay current on the latest issues in local government. This track is self-directed for mayors and councilmembers who seek to continually work toward being the best public servant for their cities and towns. These courses focus on current topics and will be available exclusively to Advanced MEO Institute graduates. 

Two three-hour, Advanced Continuing Education classes are offered with each advanced training session held in February and October. Advanced Institute graduates have the option to enroll in either a three-hour morning or afternoon session or may register for both, completing a six-hour day of training. 

Advanced Institute graduates may also receive three hours of continuing education credit for preconference sessions attended at the Association’s Annual Meeting.

October 14, 2020 Courses

  • Best Practices for Code Enforcement (3 hours)

  • The second course description will be available at a later date.