2019 Advanced Municipal Elected Officials Institute winter graduates
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The winter 2019 graduates of the Advanced Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government are, in alphabetical order, Councilmember Angela Anderson of Andrews; Councilmember Rudolph Bradley of Georgetown; Councilmember Adolphus Brewster of Gray Court; Councilmember Amy Brown of Chesterfield; Councilmember Bervay Carter of Denmark; Mayor Donnie Cason of Gilbert; Councilmember Christopher Crawford of Abbeville; Mayor Terrence Culbreath of Johnston Councilmember Terry Davis of Mullins; Councilmember Ronald Dodson of Westminster; Councilmember Angela Douglas of Chester; Mayor Alfred Mae Drakeford of Camden; Councilmember Iva Drakeford of Heath Springs; Councilmember Viki Fecas of Springdale; Councilmember Michael Fuesser of York; Councilmember Janice Gist of Wellford; Mayor Marion Glenn of Bowman; Councilmember Matthew Gooch of Simpsonville; Councilmember Malcolm Gordge of Blythewood; Councilmember Jacqueline Gore of Atlantic Beach; Councilmember Tony Hagood of Williamston; Councilmember Ricky Todd Harris of Union; Councilmember David Harvell of Williamston; Councilmember Leonard Houser of Pinewood; Councilmember Virginia Jamison of North Charleston; Councilmember Mary Jeffcoat of Myrtle Beach; Councilmember Rhonda Jerome of North Charleston; Councilmember Jerome Kizer of Edisto Beach; Councilmember Eddie Lee of Andrews; Mayor Steve MacDougall of Lexington; Councilmember John Mahony of Fountain Inn; Mayor Sarah Mathis of Pinewood; Mayor Frank McClary of Andrews; Councilmember Terry Merritt of Mauldin; Councilmember Terrance Middleton of Andrews; Councilmember Crawford Moore of Edisto Beach; Mayor Brian Ramey of Westminster; Councilmember Althea Salters of Hollywood; Councilmember Sherry Santana of Wellford; Councilmember John Segars of Darlington; Councilmember Marva Session of Andrews; Councilmember Pamela Sloss of Union; Councilmember Patti Smyer of Edisto Beach; Councilmember Tammy Solomon of Estill; Councilmember Jackie Spann of Pinewood; Mayor John Stankus of Laurens; Councilmember Hope Weldon Denmark; Councilmember Carlos Williams of Chester; Mayor Patricia Williams of Brunson; Councilmember Glynn Willis of Florence. (Not all graduates are pictured.)