The job functions of municipal employees often have no direct counterparts in the private sector, leaving workers without an easy way to participate in focused professional development organizations.

The Municipal Association of South Carolina's affiliate associations cover many professional development needs for cities and towns. These groups aim to create a community of peers who can network, learn through specially-tailored training, both in person and online, and share best practices and experiences. Each affiliate receives management support from the Municipal Association and guidance from a board of directors elected from the affiliate's membership.

All affiliates have membership applications and renewals opening up for 2022. The nominal membership costs give each participant discounted training registrations as well as access to that group's closed email listserve for users to post questions and seek feedback from colleagues.

These are the 11 affiliate organizations:

Association of SC Mayors
The Association of South Carolina Mayors provides opportunities for South Carolina mayors to more fully engage in advocating for issues that affect cities and towns; to network, share ideas and best practices with other mayors; and to take part in educational activities. Staff contact: Casey Fields

Municipal Court Administration Association of SC
MCAA provides training for court administrators, clerks of court, municipal judges and other employees involved in court administration. Staff contact: Sara Whitaker

Municipal Technology Association of SC
MTASC exposes members to a broad range of technology systems, platforms and solutions. It offers training for IT staff, those with GIS responsibilities and employees working in other departments but whose duties include technology services. Staff contact: Sara Whitaker

SC Association of Municipal Power Systems
SCAMPS focuses on legislative initiatives, mutual aid and provides training for elected officials, management staff and operational personnel of the electric cities in the state. Staff contact: Elizabeth Copeland

SC Association of Stormwater Managers
SCASM offers quarterly training on stormwater management policies and best practices. Training addresses topics like proposed changes to stormwater regulations and case studies of innovative practices. Staff contact: Sara Whitaker

SC Business Licensing Officials Association
BLOA promotes best practices for administering the local business and professional license tax through training, networking and the Accreditation in Business Licensing and Masters in Business Licensing. Staff contact: Elizabeth Copeland

SC Community Development Association
CDA training focuses on economic and community development needs, best practices and successful case studies. Members come from local and state government as well as private industry, elected positions and volunteer positions. Staff contact: Sara Whitaker

SC Municipal Attorneys Association
The MAA annual training, designed for city and town attorneys, complies with the Supreme Court of South Carolina Commission on CLE and specialization requirements for continuing education credits. Staff contact: Eric Shytle

SC Municipal Finance Officers, Clerks and Treasurers Association
MFOCTA training covers the diverse job responsibilities of its members. MFOCTA sponsors the Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Institute with the Municipal Association and the Joseph P. Riley Jr. Center for Livable Communities. Staff contact: Elizabeth Copeland

SC Municipal Human Resources Association
MHRA helps members stay current on state and federal labor law and court rulings. Its trainings are accepted by national human resources organizations for continuing education credits. Staff contact: Sara Whitaker

SC Utility Billing Association
SCUBA trains members on utility billing, collections and customer service. Programs frequently focus on customer service skills, workplace safety, and best practices in utility billing and collections. Staff contact: Ken Ivey

 Membership deadline: January 31

The membership deadline is January 31. Save time and postage by logging on to for membership enrollment or renewal for yourself and others from your organization. Online membership fees must be paid by Visa or MasterCard.