Update Your Information with the Municipal Association

The time has come again for all South Carolina municipalities to review, update and verify their information on the Municipal Information Dashboard.

To maintain the accuracy of all submitted information, the Association allows only one person from each municipality to handle the update: the municipal clerk or the clerk's designee. This year's deadline is Monday, November 23.

Updating this information every year helps the Association make sure it can effectively engage with cities and towns on a number of key issues. With correct and updated contact information, the Association can provide

  • updates on legislative action at the State House that can greatly impact local government operations;
  • registration opportunities for meetings, conferences and workshops, including the Association's Annual Meeting; and
  • other training opportunities from the Association's affiliate organizations and Risk Management Services.

Every year, the Association publishes a directory featuring contact information for all 271 municipalities. The directory also lists out the specific form of government for each city and town and the regular schedule of council meetings and the names of all elected officials and certain staff positions.

The directory is available in print as well as online at

For assistance, or to make a new designation for the person to handle the update, contact Joanna Ayers at or 803.933.1259.