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Every year around this time, municipal clerks (or their designee) are asked to review, update and verify their city's information, such as staff titles and changes in elected leadership, in the Municipal Association's database through the Municipal Information Dashboard.

Example of Municipal Information Dashboard

How this information benefits cities and towns
Accurate information in the database allows the Association to communicate effectively with municipal elected officials and staff to ensure they receive important information from the Association throughout the year, including

The database also houses information to be used in the online and print versions of the 2018 Municipal Officials and Legislative Directory, which provides easy access to key city demographic and contact information and names of elected officials and key municipal personnel.

When is the deadline?
Municipal clerks will receive an email and letter in early November reminding them to make updates by November 22 using the Municipal Information Dashboard, which is accessible from the Association's website. While the MID can be accessed and updated throughout the year, it is important to update the information in November in preparation for the printed edition of the 2018 Municipal Officials and Legislative Directory.

To protect the integrity of the data, the ability to see, certify and change the municipality's information is restricted to the city clerk or previously designated representative. For cities without a clerk, or if someone else should be designated to update the information, contact Ashleigh Hair at or 803.933.1288.

Updates for the MID are due November 22.