Association Highlight: SC Association of Stormwater Managers

​Many municipal job functions have unique training and networking needs, and the Municipal Association of South Carolina's affiliate associations offer opportunities to meet those needs. The SC Association of Stormwater Managers offers quarterly training on stormwater management policies and best practices. The SC State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors recognizes these training sessions for continuing education credits. SCASM also provides networking with other local, county and regional stormwater professionals as well as a listserve for information exchange with other members.

Membership is available at two levels: active membership for someone employed in stormwater management by a local, county or regional government in South Carolina, as well as associate membership for private company employees interested in the field.

In 2019, the SCASM First Quarter Meeting took a look at asset management, which involves planning for the regular maintenance, repair or replacement of infrastructure so that local governments can minimize the cost of operating their systems, while at the same time making stormwater drainage as reliable as possible.

At SCASM's upcoming second quarter meeting, the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control will seek input from SCASM members for revisions to the language and content of the municipal separate storm sewer system general permit and the construction general permit.

The SCASM Second Quarter Meeting will take place Thursday, June 6 at Seawell's in Columbia, and the registration deadline is Thursday, May 30.