Association Highlight: Accreditation in Business Licensing, Master in Business Licensing

Many municipal job positions have specific training and networking needs, and the Municipal Association of South Carolina's affiliate associations and training institutes offer opportunities to meet those needs.

The Accreditation in Business Licensing designation, sponsored by the SC Business Licensing Officials Association, requires officials to complete the three-year Business Licensing Officials Training Institute. Training sessions A, B and C take place at the BLOA Spring Academy each year. After completing all courses and graduating, officials can take the Accreditation in Business Licensing exam. The ABL credential assures the public that business license officials have been trained to fairly and accurately administer their jurisdiction's business license ordinance. Officials must also pledge to follow the ABL Code of Ethics.

Those wanting to further their professional development can work to obtain the Master in Business Licensing designation. MBL designees have earned their ABL designation and have also achieved 50 experience points within seven years immediately before their application for the MBL designation.