Tech Talks Return to the Annual Meeting

Up-to-date knowledge of information technology is more important than ever for cities and towns. For this reason, the Municipal Association of SC and its technology partner, VC3, are offering Tech Talks throughout the 2022 Annual Meeting — quick, 15-minute sessions about critical information for elected officials and municipal staff.

  • A Cybersecurity Checklist for Municipalities – Most cities do not have a cybersecurity plan in place, and may not know where to start. Learn about a checklist that can help cities understand its security status, find gaps and create an action plan.
  • Take Your City for Cyber Uninsurable to Insurable – Ransomware attacks affect municipalities more than any other industry. Because many do not have basic precautions in place, insurers are increasingly unwilling to insure them. Find out how to navigate the current cyber insurance environment. 
  • Why Multi-Factor Authentication Is Essential – MFA practices add another layer of authentication, like a code sent to the user’s phone, to help prevent cyberattacks. Learn about the basics of MFA, where to apply it, and why it serves as such powerful protection.
  • Unpacking Security Awareness Training for City Employees – Cyberattackers are most likely to access a city’s systems through phishing emails. Learn about security awareness training like automated phishing tests, and identifying malicious emails.
  • IT in a Box: An Instant IT Foundation for Smaller Cities – IT in a Box is a unique service from VC3 that offers a comprehensive package of technology products and services — from a new website to data backup — tailored to the unique needs of municipalities.
  • Where Do I Begin? Building a Strong Data Backup Strategy Step by Step – Many cities lack strong data backup practices. Discover the essential elements of a data backup and disaster recovery plan, including cloud-based solutions.
  • Make Your Website ADA-Compliant: Best Practices for Cities – Many cities do not comply with guidelines for making their website content accessible for people with disabilities. Learn best practices to tackle with the help of a website designer and those who create and upload content. 
  • Are You Hoarding Data? Declutter Through Document Management – Hoarding electronic data adds legal risks, operational burdens and storage burdens to a city. Learn how hoarding tips apply to a city’s document management system.
  • What’s Dark Web Monitoring, and Does My Municipality Need It? – Find out how scouring the dark web can help a city fend off a data breach, and even how monitoring the dark web reveals signs of insider threats.
  • The Biggest Hidden Red Flags in a Phishing Email – Many phishing emails now easily mimic a sender’s supposed email address and make links and attachments seem safe. Learn about “hidden” red flags—deeper flaws in a scammer’s approach where they try to use psychological tactics that trick the user just long enough. 
Find more information about the Annual Meeting. The meeting schedule is also available on the Municipal Association’s app. Download it from the Apple Store or Google Play by searching “Municipal Association of SC.”