Association Highlight: Building Officials Association of SC

Many municipal job positions have specific training and networking needs, and the Municipal Association of South Carolina’s affiliate associations offer opportunities to meet those needs.

The Building Officials Association of SC operates as a professional organization dedicated to safeguarding life, health and property by promoting the uniform application, interpretation and enforcement of building codes. BOASC serves both building officials and code enforcement officials. First established in 1951, it joined the Municipal Association of SC as an affiliate in 2017.

BOASC offers coursework and professional certification, a listserve for sharing best practices, and assistance for cities and counties in managing building inspection and zoning departments. It promotes the importance of building codes for the safety, welfare and prosperity of the public. It also monitors issues before the SC Building Codes Council and the General Assembly, and provides technical assistance to local government officials.

Membership is available to government employees as well as others, including research groups and institutes, architects, contractors, manufacturers and dealers of building materials and equipment.

For more information, visit the BOASC webpage.