Tech talks give glimpse of what’s new

​Technology is advancing so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up. The Municipal Association with its technology partner, VC3, will offer Tech Talk sessions during the Annual Meeting. These 15-minute sessions are designed specifically for elected officials and municipal staff. During these sessions, attendees can learn about a variety of technology topics in a short amount of time.

  1. Protecting City Data
    Security threats are on the rise and will likely only increase. From malware to ransomware to phishing schemes, find out how to protect the city's networks and data from security threats and learn about the steps to take if a breach were to occur.
  2. Disaster Recovery: A Real Life Case Study
    The unthinkable can happen. And in March, it did. Hear how one local government organization lost three of its buildings to a fire and how its disaster recovery plan allowed the organization to continue operations, despite the disruption.
  3. Microsoft Office 365: What's New?
    Nearly all of us use Microsoft's suite of products in some capacity. Find out how to use Microsoft Office 365 to save the city money and increase productivity.
  4. Resident Engagement through Online Forms
    City officials are always looking for new ways to engage with their residents. Find out how easy-to-use online forms can encourage people to get involved in what's happening in their city.
  5. Putting New Technology to Work
    Technology plays an ever-increasing role in almost all areas of life. Explore new technologies that cities are using to solve problems and meet residents' needs.
  6. Social Media in a Crisis
    Social media has become a critical emergency response tool for cities. Learn how municipal officials have used social media to keep residents and visitors informed in an emergency.
  7. GIS for Small Towns
    Geographic Information Systems can help cities of all sizes improve their delivery of services. Explore cost- efficient GIS services for small towns, along with ways this technology can help with streetscaping, asset planning and public safety services.
  8. Navigating Social Media Policies and Content
    A personal social media account is easy to manage, but what about the city's official account? Learn how to avoid missteps and develop content that will engage and inform residents about everything from boil water advisories to city events.
  9. Drones: Love Them or Hate Them?
    Drones can be controversial. Find out how two South Carolina cities have embraced this mobile video technology to market events, inspect buildings and solve problems.  

The Municipal Association's Annual Meeting will be held in Hilton Head Island, July 20 – 23.