It’s Time for the 2021 Achievement Awards

City residents need to know the valuable work that local governments do on their behalf. It helps them to see why their hometown is a good place to live and work. The Municipal Achievement Awards offer a way for local governments to show everything they do to run their communities smoothly and find opportunities for improvement. The awards honor excellence in local government programs, but they also encourage the sharing of ideas among cities and towns.

Find a winning Achievement Award entry
Here's some ways to find a promising submission:

    • Ask every department to create a list of their best completed projects. Ask them also to consider what projects have had the most impact on residents.
    • Create an interdepartmental competition to decide which department's work should be submitted for the Achievement Award entry.
    • Take a look at the videos and descriptions of previous Achievement Award winners.

Projects need to be substantially complete to be eligible and can be submitted only one additional time if they do not win. Municipalities with a population of 20,000 or less can compete in either a population or subject category. Municipalities with a population greater than 20,000 can compete only in one of the five subject categories.

The entry form is available at and the 2021 submission deadline is February 10. The designated contact person for each entry will receive a receipt confirmation email by February 17.

Cities submitting in the subject categories must make a virtual oral presentation at an assigned time on March 1 and 2. The Association will recognize award winners at the Annual Meeting on July 24.

For more information on the Achievement Awards, contact Meredith Houck at 803.933.1215 or