Six Graduate from MEO Institute

The next Advanced Institute sessions will be offered on October 24. Officials may choose to take one of the two courses offered.

In "Advanced Budgeting and Finance," experienced municipal finance professionals and consultants will use case studies to illustrate successful strategies. The course picks up where the MEO Institute's "Basic Budgeting and Municipal Finance" course left off. Learn about budget management, governmental accounting, annual audit, debt management and more.

The other course offered in October, "Advanced Leadership and Governance," will offer an in-depth look at the leadership role of municipal elected officials. Learn how to develop a bold vision for hometowns and sound public policy to carry out that vision.

Officials must first graduate from the Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government to participate in the Advanced Institute.

The next Advanced Institute courses will be held at the Columbia Marriott on October 24. The Association will offer two additional sessions on February 6, the day after the 2019 HLAD.