Association Highlight: SC Business Licensing Officials Association

Many municipal job positions have specific training and networking needs, and the Municipal Association of South Carolina’s affiliate associations offer opportunities to meet those needs. 

The SC Business Licensing Officials Association helps its members remedy issues associated with administering and enforcing the local business and professional license ordinances. BLOA offers the BLOA Training Institute, which is designed to improve the professional and administrative skills of business licensing officials. The Institute’s most recent session included a focus on the SC Business License Standardization Act, which adds many specific standardization requirements for the cities and towns that administer this tax. 

Graduates of the institute who pass an exam receive the Accreditation in Business Licensing designation. Those with this designation may then pursue a Master in Business Licensing designation by completing BLOA’s Advanced Academy. 

BLOA also hosts a Joint Academy with the SC Municipal Finance Officers, Clerks and Treasurers Association to explore topics relevant to both groups.