After years of population growth — the City of Goose Creek went from about 29,000 residents in 2000 to an more than 42,000 in 2018 — city leaders concluded that the reputation and regional perception of Goose Creek did not keep up with its growth. City Council authorized an effort to replace its decades-old branding, including a refreshed logo and style book, to help better cultivate an identity of vibrant growth and attractiveness to residents and visitors alike. City staff coordinated this project with a social media campaign. 

The city secured the graphic design work for $250. The city also budgeted for the placement of the brand on city property, such as police cruisers and other vehicles, as well as marketing materials. 

To complement this effort, city staff created the “Creek Rising” campaign, which helped boost the city’s image with both prospective investors and the public at large. As a social media effort, “#CreekRising” was regularly included with content posts spotlighting growth, progress and commitment to smart development. The “Creek Rising” message has been picked up by local businesses, who have included the phrase on materials such as T-shirts and stickers. City staff have applied their own creativity in finding ways to use the “Creek Rising” message, such as in the city’s first-ever food truck event named “Truck Truck Goose.” 

City staff believe that an observed bump in local sales growth and hospitality tax revenue point to the success of the effort. The city will also be measuring long-term success by monitoring increased engagement and awareness through social media.

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