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The Senate and House of Representatives returned to Columbia for one day each this week to approve additional funding for the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control to combat the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. The House adjourned on Thursday for two weeks and will return at the call of Speaker Jay Lucas. The Senate adjourned on Tuesday for the week and will return at the call of President Harvey Peeler.

Legislative Action on COVID-19
The SC Senate met on Tuesday, March 17, in statewide session to approve a bill amended by the Senate Finance Committee to release $45 million to the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control to combat the spread of the coronavirus in South Carolina. The House of Representatives met on Thursday, March 19, to concur with the Senate changes to the bill and send the bill to the governor for his signature.

The Senate Finance Committee also amended and approved a bill that would create a continuing budget resolution for the fiscal year beginning in July 2020. The Senate gave the bill second reading and placed it on the third reading Senate calendar. Should they need it, this resolution continues to fund state government at the same levels as the current fiscal year.

For questions about the legislative action on COVID-19, contact Casey Fields ( at 803.933.1256.

Business License Bill Update
The Senate Finance Committee was scheduled to meet on Tuesday to debate H4431, the business license bill. The committee met, but there were only two bills on the agenda: one dealing with COVID-19 funding for the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, and a continuing budget resolution.

As soon as there is a Senate Finance Committee meeting on H4431, cities and towns will be notified. The Senate Finance Sales and Income Tax subcommittee met last week and gave a unanimous favorable report to H4431, the amended business license bill. The subcommittee made minor technical changes to the bill in an amendment.

In February, H4431 was amended by the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee to standardize the business license process. Because the amended bill has language which would standardize the business license process, it is now appropriate to support H4431 as amended. If the bill is ever amended to include language that is harmful to cities and towns, the Municipal Association could no longer support it.

For questions on the amended version of H4431, contact Scott Slatton ( at 803.933.1203.

Amended H4431 Details

COVID-19 Resources
The Municipal Association has a webpage dedicated to resources and information about the coronavirus. This webpage is continuously updated. If you have any questions about governing during a state of emergency or the governor's executive orders, please contact your field services managers Charlie Barrineau ( at 803.479.9105 or Jeff Shacker ( at 803.479.9103.


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